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  • Toddler Praise
    Praise can be a big confidence builder for your toddler and the words you choose may have a big impact on your child's future motivation and self-esteem.
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  • Nicole Relaunches
    Nicole did not plan on being a stay-at-home mom. It just sort of happened. She stayed home for six years to raise her son. This is her return-to-work story.
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  • Girl Talk
    Paula, our financial expert, brings a special message to moms. Talk to your daughters early, and often, about money and finance. A lot of family responsibility falls on the shoulders of women. Set them up for a lifetime of success and independence.
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  • Kids' Food Allergy
    Corn is rising in the ranks of childrens' food allergies and is often misdiagnosed. Early intervention and complete elimination is critical, particularly if your child is under the age of three and has an autistic diagnosis. Better labeling laws are also need from the FDA.
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When your maternity leave ends, it may not be enough time to fully recover, and you'll want to spend your days with your new child – and not at the office. One idea is to pitch flex scheduling to your boss. It might not be an easy sell, so lean on these five tips to level the playing field.

Protecting your house and your family should always be a top priority whether you travel for work most of the week or are a stay-at-home parent. As a parent or head of the household, it's your duty to keep everyone safe. It doesn't matter if you have a newborn baby, a teenager, or an elderly loved one living with you, safety should always be a priority. These gadgets will help ensure that your home is safe for the whole family.

As adults, the children of aging parents often find themselves in a conundrum. They want to take care of their aging parents. But, their aging parents don't want or won't accept the care. In the name of their parent's health, they consult with doctors, social workers, attorneys, administrators of assisted-living facilities — everyone they can think of who could help them care for their parents. Everyone, that is, except for their actual aging parents. To truly help your parents age independently while also ensuring their health, safety and quality of life, you can't completely take care of them. The key is to help them take care of themselves. Here are a few ways to do so:

When you work around the clock balancing a career and raising a family, making the most out of your lunch break is the key to being a super mom. For those who haven't quite yet figured out how to optimize the little spare time they do have, here are some helpful ways to go about just that.

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