Build Your Best Bod’ With A Vegan Diet

Build muscle with vegan diet

Working out at the gym, running, cycling or even dancing can help shape your physique enormously. While being active and fit is highly beneficial, the results you’re looking for can be hindered if your diet is filled with too much sugar, animal products and alcohol.

According to, it is absolutely possible to build muscle mass by only consuming a plant-based diet. NFL star Griff Whalen, who, after transitioning to a vegan diet a few years ago, stated that such a diet provides an “extra edge” for sporting athletes. Venus and Serena Williams, both heavyweight superstars in the tennis world, switched to a vegan diet back in 2011. The results speak for themselves!

Look to nature for comparisons and strong evidence that a veggie diet can build muscle mass and strength. The really big, powerful herbivores such as horses, gorillas, rhinos, oxen and elephants,demonstrate that consuming animal protein is not essential for size or bulk.

Where To Start

Simply put, the focus should be on protein. If you need to lose fat and, most importantly, build muscle, protein is absolutely essential in your diet. So where do you begin if you are not eating red meat, poultry, fish or eggs? Protein is available in the plant-based world. These are all good sources:


Grains (Cooked)

Non-Dairy Milk

Nuts & Seeds


You can eat these protein derivatives separately, but the art of enjoying a plant-based diet is combining ingredients together, to make sure you are enjoying tasty meals.

Sample Meals:

Starter: Hummus with Cucumber, Carrots and Celery Sticks.



Soup: Miso Soup



Main: Quinoa Salad



Dessert: Pina Colada Banana Boats



As you can see, switching to a plant based diet can be a delicious exploration. All you need is some creative imagination. You can make delicious meals and build muscle while you are at it!

Source: Mommy Authority