Buying Prepared Foods

If you were to calculate what you spend on “convenience” would it be worth it? As a working, single mom of two kids, our Money Saving Queen Sara Roe offen finds herself “justifying” paying for prepared food she could have easily fixed herself… until she figured out what convenience was costing her.

Precut fruit in a container about this size … can costs 8 dollars. She conducted her own money saving queen experiment. Granted it was unscientific, but she determined this container doesn’t even hold a whole pineapple. Do you know how many pineapples you can buy for 8 dollars? Six! Pineapple is pretty pricey so here’s Sara’s money saving tip for getting a great deal. “I kept my eye out and when Aldi ran a special for a dollar 29 each, I went and had Walmart match that price. Had I bought six precut containers of pineapple, I would have paid 48 instead of 8 dollars!” The difference is HUGE and just goes to show you, convenience isn’t worth the price tag.

Meet the Queen: Five years ago Sarah’s son had life threatening food allergies causing her family to spiral into a financial crisis. Today, she is an award-winning blogger, radio & television celebrity, speaker and author. Learn more:

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