Cheap Air Fare Tricks

Fluctuating air fares can make you crazy when you’re trying to book a trip. So if you want to “jet off” for a summer vacation, our Money Saving Queen can tell you “when” to book airline tickets to get the cheapest fare!

A recent study by Cheap Air dot com looked at more than 25 million airline fares over the last year to figure out the best time to buy. For domestic travel you should book 49 days in advance… that’s about 7 weeks before traveling. For international travel… 81 days or about 3 months. And choosing the right day of the week to book can save you money too. According to Smart Travel, most airlines lower prices early in the week, with Tuesday afternoon being the best time to buy. So seize the day and book that dream getaway.

Meet the Queen: Five years ago Sarah’s son had life threatening food allergies causing her family to spiral into a financial crisis. Today, she is an award-winning blogger, radio & television celebrity, speaker and author. Learn more:

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