This Entrepreneur Celebrates Life With Her Community

Hosting a Sip n Shop soiree for mom entrepreneurs at her Celebrate Life Studio, Susan Pascale shares her own emotional journey with MomLifeTV. Transitioning from a corporate job layoff to opening her own business, Susan offers great advice to start all over again.

Susan started Celebrate Life Studio because that was her mantra. Working in corporate America and staring at the four walls in her office, she wished that she would be let go and it happened. Being let go at 48 years old and not knowing what to do with her life; where to go and having to start all over again… it was a blessing. Susan started her journey with Celebrate Life. She’s now trying to inspire her community to celebrate life everyday.

“If I can do it, anybody can do it. You just look within your heart. Whatever speaks to you. Just go for it. You envision it. You see it and then it happens. Not overnight… sometimes overnight. But as long as you let go of the how – for the most part – I believe it will come to you when it’s supposed to come to you. And everything happens at the right time, always, for everyone. You just have to know that it’s possible for you at any point in your life. Whether you’re a mom, single, young, old – it doesn’t make a difference – to live your dream, to start over and to do the things that you love. Because that’s what this life’s all about.”

Susan’s love for dance and Zumba was the catalyst for her to step outside her box. Opening Celebrate Life Studio enabled her to feel fulfilled while helping others and doing something she loves – teaching through dance.

Celebrate Life Studio has fabulous offerings for kids and adults: Mommy & Me classes, Zumba Kids Junior, Get the Kids Moving, Zumba Kids, Latin Ballroom and yoga; along with workshops, social events and party rentals.

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Celebrate Life Studio is the celebration headquarters for Hoboken, NJ. If you would like to attend a class,  book an event or learn more, visit:

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