Free Summer Fun

Summer is here and if “free” and “fun” are on your to do list for the kids… you’ve come to the right place. Kids Bowl Free’. Sign up now at select bowling centers and schools around the country and your child can bowl for “free.” Up to two hours per day … all summer long! Talk about having a “ball!” To date, over 5 million kids have participated in the program.

The value of this fun summer freebie… $500! This next idea for summer fun is free depending on where you live so you’ll have to do a little legwork. My hometown’s locally owned cinema has free kids movies all summer long. If that’s not an option, many of the big national movie chains like Cinemark, Carmike and Regal Theaters offer summer movie specials for the kiddos.

Rather than paying six or seven dollars a head for a ticket, it will cost you a buck. Summer fun… made to order the Money Saving Queen queen way.

Meet the Queen: Five years ago Sarah’s son had life threatening food allergies causing her family to spiral into a financial crisis. Today, she is an award-winning blogger, radio & television celebrity, speaker and author. Learn more:

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