Making Time for Yourself: When Mom Is Happy, Everyone Is Happy

Your beloved family is your number one priority, and you invest nearly all of your time and energy into their health and happiness. You love that you can help those you love and know exactly how to take care of their needs. However, you must remember the importance of your own needs and reserve some daily “me time” for yourself.

A well-rested, emotionally balanced and physically healthy mom can accomplish more than a mom who is constantly overwhelmed and stressed. Here are some methods of self-care that help you feel strong, focused, refreshed and happy:

Find Your Zen

As the matriarch of your family, you take on a lot of responsibility, which often leads to stress. Stress is the basic cause of 60 percent of human illness and disease, according to a study published by JAMA Internal Medicine. It increases the risk of stroke, heart disease and chronic fatigue. Meditation is a practice that leads to lower levels of stress and beneficially boosts your mental and physical health. Set aside time in the morning before your family wakes up, for a 10 to 20 minute meditation session. If you are unfamiliar with the practice of meditation, utilize a guided app, like Headspace. The Headspace meditation app can conveniently be accessed on your smartphone for your guided meditation session. Through meditation, you can lessen your stress and gain better self-knowledge, clarity of thought, focus and overall well-being.

Make Time for Hobbies

Hobbies are an expression of your individual identity and the interests that compose your personality. By stimulating your mind with something you love doing, you can bring more meaning to your life. If you haven’t been involved in any hobbies in years, take this quiz to find out what hobbies suit your personality. Some examples of stimulating hobbies include cooking, interior design, gardening, blogging, reading and crafting.

Prioritize Your Fitness

Physical fitness can seem like a chore, as it requires motivation, adequate scheduling, the proper equipment and potentially gym or class fees, but the benefits of fitness are worth the small costs. It combats health conditions, improves your mood and boosts energy. If hitting the gym feels like an impossible task, there are many other methods of exercise. If you are a tennis enthusiast, join the USTA and connect with other nearby players who are looking for a friendly game. You can also start a running group with your friends, where you meet at the local high school track or neighborhood trails. A running group gives you social time as well as a designated time for fitness. Working out with others helps you stick to your fitness schedule and motivates you to reach any fitness goals you may have for yourself.

Indulge in Some Fun

It is important for you to relish in life’s little pleasures. Don’t feel guilty about making time to be idle and enjoy yourself. A little indulgence can go a long way, as it contributes to a happier mood and increased relaxation. Take time to unwind with a pedicure at the local nail salon, go shopping, watch a film or go out with your friends. Plan a day or an afternoon once a week, when you can have time to treat yourself to a nice meal and a fun activity. These entertaining activities allow you to let go of your obligations and enjoy the moment.