Plastic Surgery Results

Does cosmetic surgery really make you look more attractive to others?

When it comes to cosmetic surgery…the facelift is on the Top 5 list of popular procedures. But does it turn back the clock as advertised? Do you turn out more attractive?

A small study suggests the answer to both of those questions is not really. Using photos of 49 women who had had facial plastic surgery and healed for a minimum of 6 months…50 study participants rated the women on age and attractiveness.

On average, the raters found an insignificant increase in overall beauty. And the average number of apparent years saved” by the surgery….a calculation of the patients true age minus the age the raters guessed…was just 3.1 years!

While cosmetic surgery patients aim to look younger…the subjective nature of facial rejuvenation makes it a challenge to assess success. The researchers say larger studies are needed to verify the results of this study.

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