Staycation Camping

Avoiding pricey summer vacations? Make your summer “staycation” a winner by exploring the great outdoors. An ’”inexpensive alternative’” when it comes to vacations, our Money Saving Queen gives us some great camping ideas. Who can put a price on family time? Well… when it comes to some of those pricey vacation packages out there – it’s possible! Sara Roe shares her vacation from last summer.

It was actually a “staycation” because we “stayed” in our backyard. We pitched a tent, camped out and my boys loved it. Exploring the great outdoors is such an inexpensive alternative when it comes to vacations. I did some checking and did you know you can actually “rent” camping equipment rather than buy it? REI is a popular chain. And some places, like lower gear, will even “ship” the gear to you. To get the deep discounts, be sure to sign up for their newsletters and follow them on social media.

Compared to a hotel room, camp ground prices are a steal. To make this even better, how about camping for free? Mark your calendars because on Fathers Day weekend Kids Camp Free at participating KOA campgrounds. And later this summer on August 25, get free admission to all national parks in honor of National Park Service Birthday. One final bit of advice for your camping staycation… be sure to download a free weather app from your local television station. That way you can stay informed in case Mother Nature throws you a curveball.

Meet the Queen: Five years ago Sarah’s son had life threatening food allergies causing her family to spiral into a financial crisis. Today, she is an award-winning blogger, radio & television celebrity, speaker and author. Learn more:

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