Stronger Bones Taking Vitamin D and Calcium?

If you take vitamin D and calcium supplements to help build stronger bones… there’s a change.┬áThe United States Preventive Services Task Force… an influential government advisory panel reviewed data on the benefits and harms of vitamin D supplementation with and without calcium.

The data also showed that taking large doses containing greater than 1000 miligrams of calcium and 400 International Units of vitamin D did not ward off fractures in postmenopausal women. The group is therefore recommending against daily supplementation at these levels post menopause.

The one exception is for people, aged 65 and over, who live in community-based dwellings, like nursing homes, who are at higher risk for falls.

Fracture prevention in older patients is important because fractures are associated with chronic pain, disability, and increased risk of death. The Task Force still recommends osteoporosis screenings in women over 65 and some women at higher risk who are younger than 65.

The conclusion: there is insufficient evidence that taking the combined supplements helps prevent primary fractures in premenopausal women and men.

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