Tips on Setting up an Art Area for Your Kids

Setting up an art area for a playroom or kid’s room? Kerry from Smart Playrooms is here to give us a couple of tips on setting up an art area for your children. Having the right space and tools can nurture your child’s creativity. By combining all of these tips, you’ll set them up for success. Your kids are going to be super creative and you’re going to love what they end up doing.

Have a Separate Art Area
The first thing to think about is where in the house you’d like your art area. Ideally, it would be great if you could have a separate space – whether it’s in the playroom or on the first floor.

Get a Good Size Table
What’s really nice is if you can have a good size table so the kids can spread out their materials. That naturally makes them a little more creative. The kitchen island of course will also work, but it’s not our favorite spot.

Utilize Art Caddies
In addition to a table that’s large, we also love having a caddy out for the kids that contains all the materials they will use and need everyday. Sometime we use two, sometime three. It’s also nice to change up the materials with stickers, ballpoint pens or scissors. Remember, the caddies are a good thing to have out all the time. You can change the materials in them so it makes the kids want to keep coming back to the space.

White Paper Tray
Another tip is to have a paper tray with just paper in it. We put these trays right at a child’s level so they’re able get the paper independently and don’t need to ask Mom and Dad for it. White paper allows a kid to be more creative than a coloring book or an art kit because they’re really thinking through what they want to draw. It also makes it more interesting for parents when we want to post their artwork.

Lastly we try to think about organization in the art room and art area. What we do is try to contain all similar items together – crayon, color pencils, clay items and other drawing materials. We try to have everything within a child’s reach. If your kids are old enough, they can safely access and use everything.

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