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Controlling With Diet

Are parents of adolescents too controlling when it comes to how much their children eat?

Alcohol and The Talk With Your Teen

Do serious, pre-college chats between parents and teens help stop drinking problems when students hit campus?

Teen Mom Birth Rates Decline

Teenage birth rates continue to decline, hitting an historic low in the U.S., according to new statistics.

Smart Phones and Teen Sex

Parents...your teenagers smart phone may lead them to be more sexually active and engage in risky sex.

Risky Behavior – Teens Sexting

Is sexting tied to an increase in other risky sexual behaviors among teenagers?

Five Ways Travel

Five top tips to have a great vacation with your teenager. You'll both be happy!

College Adjustment

Making the transition from high school to college is often a nerve-wracking time for kids.

Friendlier Computer Games

Peaceful video games may boost mood and prompt kindness from players.

Teen and Sexting

Good news for parents. The pictures on many teen cell phones may not be as R-rated as you fear.

Mom Song-William Tell for Teens

Anita Renfroe did a great job with the Mom Song, but how about the teen's version?

Help Your Teen Through Puberty

Parents can help their teens through puberty, a challenging time in kid's lives.

Treating Anorexia

Family-based therapy may be helpful for teens with disorder.