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Amazing Things
Your Baby Knows

Watching your little-one develop is an exciting experience. While it may feel silly talking to a 6-month-old, interacting with them is key to early learning. They may not be able to read or write yet, but babies and toddlers are taking it all in.

There are a few surprising research findings on what your baby knows.

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Tantrums and Toddlers
Dr. Sasha discusses tantruming toddlers and how to proactively deal with the issue.
Diaper Momtrepreneur
Lisa, a Mom of three, starts Parasol, a new diaper brand featuring beautiful, modern designs.
Baby Care 101 DVD
Need even more parenting resources? Here's have a wonderful instructional DVD for new parents.
Dropping That Baby Weight
Why weight loss before your next pregnancy is a must, and the one tool that can help.
Nursery Design Tips
Some fun ways to create a bright and colorful environment for your baby's nursery or kid's room.
Salt and Sugar in Kids' Meals
Many pre-packaged toddler meals are heavy on the salt or sugar, study finds.
Buckle Up For Life
75% of car seats are installed incorrectly. It's time we all get it right.
Mommy Burnout
As moms, we are so focused on caring for our kids that we forget to take care of ourselves.
Breastfeeding Benefit for Mom
Breastfeeding for more than 6 months may protect you from breast cancer, regardless of family history.
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