10 DIY Natural Beauty Products and Recipes

Simple and healthy DIY beauty products that every Mom can use to feel great. Using 2 or 3 simple ingredients, these recipes are easy to make yourself. It’s all natural, so you can kiss all the chemicals and fragrances goodbye. Great for allergies, sensitivities or for pregnant moms-to-be. You’ll love these healthy products!

Our playlist:

1. DIY Firming And Hydrating Eye Gel
Tighten and hydrate your eyes with this DIY firming eye gel!

2. DIY Brightening and Toning Face Scrub
Protect your skin from harmful UV rays while improving your skin complexion with this sour and sweet face scrub!

3. DIY Natural Lip Enhancer With Cayenne
Want that perfect pout? Learn how to DIY your own natural lip plumper!

4. DIY Kissable Berry Lip Stain
Get your lips ready for Valentine’s! Make this easy lipgloss that won’t leave a stain.

5. DIY Honey Cinnamon Face Mask
Nothing screams holidays more than this honey cinnamon face mask!

6. DIY Cranberry Face Mask
Getting sick of eating leftover cranberry sauce? Try out this awesome and easy cranberry face mask and make your skin radiant.

7. DIY Tea Tree Facial Scrub
Become one with nature with this awesome tea tree facial scrub!

8. Easy DIY Lavender Lip Balm
Give your lips a floral upgrade! Try his natural awesome lavender lip balm.

9. DIY Fruity Foot Scrub For Smooth Feet
Got any leftover fruit? Don’t toss it out. Instead, give your feet a treat with this fruity foot scrub.

10. DIY Lemon Mask For Silky Hair
Get zesty with this lemon hair mask and add shine to your beautiful strands.

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