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Buckle Up For Life – Car Seat Installation

75% of car seats are installed incorrectly. It's time we all get it right.

Mommy Burnout

As moms, we are so focused on caring for our kids that we forget to take care of ourselves.

Laundry Hamper Dangers

An important warning for parents about the potential dangers of collapsible cloth and wire hampers.

Carrying Infant Car Seats

Learn the proper way to carry a car seat to avoid back injuries as a new mom.

Nervous New Moms

New moms, especially first time mothers, should be on the lookout for anxiety. More than 15% suffer from postpartum.

Whooping Cough Concern

Whopping cough is a very contagious and serious respiratory illness. Undervaccination may be putting children at increased risk.

Kids’ Sleep Problems

If you're the parent of a pre-schooler, you've likely struggled with what videos and TV shows your child should...

Snoring Tots

Could persistent, loud snoring in young children be a warning sign for problem behavior?

Car Seat Safety for Infants

Car seats save many babies' lives, but they can be harmful in other locations besides the car.

Toilet Training

What's the best age to begin potty-training? Waiting too long may lead to trouble down the road.

Expecting Again – How Soon Can You Become Pregnant?

How soon after childbirth can a woman get pregnant?

Exercise and Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding moms at risk for temporary bone loss? New mothers who breastfeed their babies may need to exercise more.