Latest in Moms Over 40

Fiber Protection? Can It Lower Stroke Risk?

Are you the primary caretaker of your family and aging parents? Serve fiber-rich foods to lower stroke risk.

Aspirin and Melanoma

An aspirin a day may help keep the skin cancer doctor away for women.

Stronger Bones Taking Vitamin D and Calcium?

If you take vitamin D and calcium supplements to help build stronger bones... there's a change coming.

Soy and Menopause: Does It Help Hot Flashes?

Does eating a soy-rich diet help prevent hot flashes and night sweats?

Battling Breast Cancer

Lumpectomy with radiation versus mastectomy. New study compares treatments and survival rates.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

New study re-ignites debate on the safety of hormone replacement therapy for menopause.

Screening Debate For Diabetes

Should people with diabetes get colonoscopies earlier than currently recommended?

Breast Saving Treatment?

A type of medication may help women with breast cancer avoid the need for a mastectomy.

A Toast to Bone Health?

Cheers ladies, a bit of moderate drinking may be good for your bones.

Help for Hot Flashes

Is it possible to use your mind to control this bothersome symptom of menopause?

Breast Density

Breast density alone may not be a strong risk factor for breast cancer, according to a new study.

Updated Mammogram Recommendations

Should women in their forties have mammograms? Highly debated mammogram recommendation for women in their 40s revised.