Throw a Kids’ Baking Party with Gingerbread Cookies

When you need a great idea for a kids’ party, bake gingerbread cookies! With baking kits from Red Velvet NYC, all the kids will have a great time. Perfect for parties, playdates or simply having a fun afternoon at home, pre-measured ingredients make it easy for the kids to enjoy the baking process. And it’s easy for Mom!

Making Gingerbread Cookies

Step 1: Unpack the Baking Kits
Step 2: Open the ingredients
Step 3: Mix and Stir, Stir, Stir
Step 4: Get in there with your hands – It’s fun!
Step 5: Time to roll the dough
Step 6: The fine art of cookie cutting
Step 7: Time to bake
Step 8: A nibble before frosting
Step 9: The fine art of frosting

Kids love freshly baked cookies!

For this gingerbread cookie recipe and for a wide variety of baking kits, delivered to your home, visit:  Use for Promo Code: OHSNAP for a discount.

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